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IRCTC PNR Status | Indian Railway pnr Enquiry

PNR Status - PNR Status IRCTC | Indian Railway Passenger Name Record Status | Enquiry Train PNR indian rail reservation status.

PNR status of your Indian Railway or IRCTC ticket will be checked on-line quickly and simply. To do so, merely enter your ten digit pnr No website box below and hit on the “Get PNR Status” button.

and then pnr status server reply with status codes you may look at pnr status codes and it's meaning here. if unable find from below form try this.
Alternatively check pnr status on indianrail gov in
Enter 10-digit PNR number

 Enter PNR  your 10 digit pnr no. and send it 139 or 54959 or  5676747,or 57886 etc.
    For Example: PNR 1234567890

PNR status code and its meaning

The PNR status code leave many passengers confused because of the abbreviations and symbols used. Each code or abbreviations has its own meaning which helps you to know your status.
The codes and their meanings are given below to help you understand their meaning.

Various codes in the PNR status

• CAN/MOD  - Cancelled or Modified Passenger
• CNF / Confirmed - Confirmed (Coach/Berth number will be available after chart preparation)
• CK - Tatkal Quota
• CKWL- Tatkal Waiting List. This means that when the waiting list moves up, it goes to the category RAC and might get confirmed too.
• GNWL- General Waiting List
• PQWL - Pooled Quota Wait list
• RAC - Reservation against Cancellation. The seat is confirmed but the berth needs to be shared between two passengers. Later individual berth might be allotted if RAC becomes a CNF ticket.
• REGRET - No More Booking Permitted
• RELEASED - Ticket Not Cancelled but Alternative Accommodation Provided
• R# # - RAC Coach Number Berth Number. Same berth will be shared by the two RAC passengers as per their allotted berth.
• WL # - Waiting List Number

Indian Railways is owned and operated by the Government of India with the help of the Ministry of Railways. The Indian Railway Is the world’s largest railway network.

Indian Railways have over 1.307 million employees, which makes it world’s ninth largest commercial employer. Indian Railways network brings the social, cultural and economical fabric of the country.

The first railway than ran on Indian sub-continent was from Bombay to Thane on 16th April 1853. Later in 1951, the systems were nationalized as the Indian railways. Indian Railway operates long distance as well as suburban rail systems on a multi-gauge network of broad gauge, metre gauge and narrow gauges.
Indian Railway’s operations cover twenty nine states and seven union territories. It also provides international (limited) services to Nepal , Bangladesh and Pakistan.

Indian Railways is a huge network, which obviously make it very difficult to provide different kind of facilities to each and every one. To simplify this process it provides different services to the passengers.
Earlier people have to go to the stations to make the reservations, check seat availability, PNR status etc.
As the technologies have been so useful to provide the same facilities in an easier way. Now we have a website called which makes is a lot easier for citizens to make reservations, check seat availability, fare inquiry, PNR status etc.

PNR status

-What is PNR?

PNR stands for Passenger Name Record.  PNR number is a 10 digit numerical    code. We can find it on the railway ticket.
• When you purchase a ticket by going to the railway station, you get a printed ticket, you can see your PNR number on the top-left of the ticket.
• When you purchase a ticket online, then you get an electronic ticket , you can see your PNR number on the top tight of the ticket.

-How to know PNR status?

By using that PNR number you can check your status. To check it online you can go to the website and click on the PNR Status option.
Enter the PNR for your booking below to get the current status. After entering the 10 digit PNR number in the given text box, Click on “get status”. As soon as you finish the process you can see you PNR status within seconds.

PNR Enquiry by phone call
To inquire regarding your current reservation merely dial 139 from your mounted phone or smartphone and follow the instruction given by the IVR system. once asked for pnr no. give it and you'll get  your pnr Status.

PNR Enquiry on Indian railway.

Indian Railway Train ticket PNR staus Explained:

also try tatkal booking on irctc.

Check PNR status on Mobile phone through sms

What if you can not access internet? How do you check your PNR status! Now you don’t have to worry about that either. There are several services provided by Indian Railway which helps you to check your PNR status through any mobile phone.
Now you can get railways information on SMS.
You just need to send a SMS to 54959
- SMS HELP TRN to 54959 and get a list of all the services provided and their commands.
- SMS TRNLINK to 54959 and get a link to access those services using WAP.

To check PNR status
- Sms PNR <10 – digit PNR no. > to 54959

IRCTC has also launched facility also i.e., Sms on 139 and avail the several services like PNR enquiry , fare enquiry, train arrival and departure enquiry, train time table, accommodation availability, train name/ number .
 For PNR status sms “PNR < 10 – digit PNR number>” to 139
For example: PNR 1232343456
There is one more number provided by Indian Railways for PNR enquiry and that is 5676747. There are charges applicable on sending sms to this number.

IRCTC Tatkal Booking

Tatkal means immediately and that makes tatkal booking as immediate booking. This scheme is for the passengers who need to travel without any planning in advance or for a journey at very short notice due to several reasons.Tatkal booking opens at 10:00 AM on One day in advance of actual date of journey excluding date of journey. These tickets can be booked on the counter or online.
The tickets are only issued when the passenger shows a copy of identity at the time of booking. It can be a PAN card (personal account number),passport, Driver’s license etc.
There are no separate trains as of named “tatkal train”. Non utilized tatkal tickets are given to wait-listed passengers. Tatkal tickets can be cancelled but there would be no refund made.

Indian Railway Tatkal booking Hours

This scheme had been misused by passengers and because of that from July 10, 2012 the ministry of railways has changed the timings to book tatkal tickets. Now booking is done from 10:00 am to 12:00 pm .No one is allowed to book the tickets after 12:00 pm.

Applications for android, ios for PNR status checking

As we all know, every other person is using a  smart phones and Iphones etc. Just as the market demand, the developers had also developed few apps (applications) for these android and Ios phones.
Google play “the app store” for the androids provide many apps for the users some them are PNR status and train info , 

PNR Enquiry through Mobile Apps

PNR Status - PNR Status IRCTC | Indian Railway Passenger Name Record Status